Finance-Page1So you've chosen your dream vehicle and you’re looking forward to that very first road trip.  There is just one other important item to arrange - financing!

That’s where we come in. Simpson Finance is dedicated to making the entire financing process a trouble-free and convenient experience.

We specialize in flexibility.  We will work with you to identify and create the ideal package to suit your needs, with the widest range of finance instruments to choose from:

  • straight financing
  • operating leases
  • no deposit deals
  • packages with or without balloon payments
  • easy terms of up to 7 years

And best of all, our friendly and knowledgeable consultants are there to advise and efficiently guide you through the entire process.

We aim for same day approvals, so you can quickly drive off in your new vehicle, knowing that your finance package has been tailor-made especially for you.


Applying for financing is a simple process at Simpson Finance. And now it's even easier!

1. Choose your dream vehicle from this site or our showrooms
2. Open this Application Form.
3. Complete and print the application form
4. Include copies of support documentation (see Required Documentation below)
5. Bring everything to our office at Warrens for the briefest of interviews

Required Documentation

a. Photo I.D. Card
b. Job letter & most recent payslip; self-employed persons need proof of income (receipts etc)
c. At least six (6) months of savings bank statements
d. Valid driver's license


a. Certficate of Incorporation / Registration
b. Standard Directors' Minutes authorizing the Lease
c. At least three (3) months of Chequing account statements (or a Bank reference)
d. Company stamp or seal

Finance Options

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Order Parts


Finance packages consist of the following: a deposit followed by regular monthly repayments for an agreed term (sometimes followed by a final (or balloon) payment after which the financed amount plus interest has been paid in full, and the vehicle becomes the property of the customer.

Financed Amount

This is the on-the-road price of the vehicle plus a administrative charge and the road taxes applicable for the term of the lease.


Also called a down-payment, this is a sum of money paid as a first instalment on the vehicle.


This is the series of identical payments made at regular intervals (usually monthly) throughout the term of the lease.


The term of a finance lease is the stated period of time over which the lessee repays the financed amount with interest in regular (usually monthly) payments.

Final (or Balloon) Payment

This is a lump sum payment of the unpaid principal remaining at the end of the regular term of the lease.  This final payment is common in cases of low deposit deals - in effect shifting the usual deposit from the start of the lease to the end.

At the end of the term of a lease with a final payment, the lessee has 3 options:
1. Trade-in for a new vehicle, using its value, less the final payment amount, towards the new purchase
2. Present the final payment in full
3. Finance the final payment over an agreed additional period of time

Operating Lease

This refers to an arrangement which strictly speaking isn't a finance lease at all, but can be more accurately described as a rental.  The period is often shorter than a lease term and the vehicle, along with all the benefits and risks of ownership remain the property of the financial institution throughout.

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