Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Converted into a Camper

Jun 14th, 2020

From  Rossmönster Vans created a custom tiny home on wheels — named the Grand Teton — on a 170-inch Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

The Grand Teton was created for a couple who wanted to have a mobile home away from their city apartment for a year-long #VanLife trek across the US, according to Rossmönster. To cater to this plan, Rossmönster created a custom build on a four-by-four Sprinter that reflects both the comforts and functionalities of a traditional home.

"We designed this van with full-time van living in mind," Rossmönster co-owner and designer Luke Farny said in a statement. "This client has everything he needs to take the pleasures of home on the road."

Rossmönster is a Colorado-based camper conversion company that consists of a team of woodworkers, carpenters, and engineers who all share a common interest for the outdoors.

The team spends around three weeks per build, allowing Rossmönster to produce about 40 builds annually.

Rossmönster prioritized storage space in the Grand Teton to accommodate the owners' year-long expedition.

This includes the cabinets that run the length of the van and the drawers on the kitchen unit.

Rossmönster placed a queen bed at the back of the van.

The bed is raised to accommodate a garage — which includes a custom ski rack and a gear tray — underneath.

Grand Teton's L-shaped seating area is next to the bed.

The seating area also doubles as storage space for the van's dry flush toilet and indoor shower, although there's also an outdoor shower included as well.

The indoor shower consists of a handheld shower head, stainless steel base, and soft curtain that can hook onto the ceiling of the van.

The shower drains directly outside.

Grand Teton's kitchen is lined with a solid walnut countertop that matches the walnut tables.

The white subway tile kitchen backsplash is removable.

The van's kitchen is also equipped with a two-in-one oven topped with a three burner stovetop.

The kitchen also holds a 4.6 cubic feet refrigerator and sink. The sink and showers source its water from the 30-gallon fresh water tank.

To bring more natural light into the tiny home, Rossmönster included six windows, two of which are half-slide and on each side of the bed.

This natural light accompanies the three lighting zones inside the van, including dimmable lights on the ceiling and above the cabinet.

To regulate the interior temperature of the van, Rossmönster built-in two ceiling fans and a dual-purpose heater that warms both the interior of the van and the water supply.

For indoor entertainment, the Grand Teton has a 24-inch television above the bed and seating area.

The tiny home on wheels also has an awning for outdoor relaxation under the shade.

All of these amenities are powered by Grand Teton's electrical system: a 1,000-amp-hour lithium-ion battery, 200-watt solar panel system, and 3,000-watt inverter and charger.

Rossmönster also included a battery monitor to help Grand Teton's occupants track its energy levels.

The exterior has also been upgraded to include safety features, such as front and rear bumper guards and fog lights to brighten up campgrounds at night.

There's also a back rack attached to the rear of the van.

Photos and comments compliments of Rossmönster Vans.



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